Breakfast, lunch and dinner covered!

Rocky Thompson

Well known throughout Norfolk this little stall has a big reputation and RAINBOW PARK is proud to be it’s home. The original Rocky Thompson sweet stall has been on RAINBOW PARK for over 50 years!

Here you will find all your favourite sweets from your childhood as well as traditional fairground nougat and brandy snap.

Mr Eats

At the southern end of the park next to the Golden Gallopers you will find Mr Eats. Selling traditional fairground food such as hot dogs and beef burgers. It is the only food outlet on the park where you will find candy floss.

Mr Eats offers a wonderful array of food and drinks for the RAINBOW PARK visitor in need of refreshment!

Rock and Roll Diner

Harrison Brothers Rock and Roll Diner takes its inspiration from the classic 1950’s American burger joint. Delicious food to Take Away.

Enjoy a freshly cooked burger and fries combo or an American style hot dog as a tasty snack while walking around the fair

Ice Cream Kiosk

What trip to the seaside would be complete without an ice cream for afters. Here at Rainbow park we think we have found ice cream heaven. With a range of delicious soft scoop flavours on offer. As well as the iconic 99’ Mr Whippy with a flake and a great selection of ice lolly’s there is definitely something for everyone. Our favourite is salted caramel, what will yours be?

Doughnut Stall

Traditional fairground hot sugared donuts made fresh while you wait!

Can you eat one without licking your lips? Freshly cooked Crepes are also on offer with a lots of delicious toppings to tickle your taste buds.